Bloobs 2.30

Bloobs software program is an interactive game that is simple yet addicting

Bloobs software program is an interactive computer game that appeals to puzzlers of all ages. The goal of this game is to clear the screen of pieces (called Bloobs).

Bloobs is a surprisingly addictive and challenging game in which you have to put together three or more of the same pieces to remove them from the board.

The player wins the game by emptying the screen of all the pieces. A bloob gun is a vital tool that you control with the mouse to blast away at pieces that need to be removed.

The preview element lets you see the next piece that will be loaded into your bloob gun. This advantage is ideal for strategizing your next move.

The game’s graphics are vibrant and energetic. Also, the lively and eclectic musical score can be expanded by the users with their favorite MIDI music and background pictures or graphics.

This game is only distributed via Internet download, so there is no physical media like CDs or floppies to use. Bloobs software program is a good game to play when you are looking for something entertaining that does not require much planning or strategizing.